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Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is a powerful resource for site managers and SEOs. It provides a look at how Google indexes your site and provides insight into site performance. If you are serious about improving your site and its rank in search engines, this tool is a must. Below, I discuss five ways I use GWT to improve search performance.

I recently discussed how to diagnose inconsistent performance across devices. If you performed this exercise and determined that your site is under-performing on certain devices, now is the time to figure out which elements are failing and how you can fix them in order to improve the site experience. There are a couple of tools you can use to do this and the best news is…THEY ARE FREE!

Google’s plans to encrypt all organic search has marketers and SEOs in quite a tizzy. This includes me. When I initially heard the news, I had a small panic attack. After regaining my composure, I took a look at how this was really going to impact my SEO efforts. What I discovered is that this is not the end of the keyword optimization world.

Recently, I decided to dive into the world of usability and testing. To wet my feet, I chose to run some basic A/B tests on a website I recently started managing.

The site that I manage is built on WordPress, which is excellent. However, it’s a site that supports a company that serves a very technical industry. Apparently that means the visitors want to read a TON of content. Right? Wrong.

If you or anyone you know decides to build and/or write for a website, consider how you, personally, use the internet. If I land on a page that is clean, features high-quality images, and tells me where to go, I’m going to convert. Take me to a page that has paragraph after paragraph of content, page blocks everywhere, images, links, conflicting CTAs — and I will increase your bounce rate before you can say…well, nothing. I’m going to leave immediately.