Google Analytics’ Power to Improve Your AdWords Campaigns

This past week, Fred Vallaeys, a Google AdWords evangelist held a Hangout discussing how to use Google Analytics (GA) and AdWords together to improve AdWords performance and reporting. If you are currently investing in AdWords and are responsible for reporting, I encourage you to watch the video. It’s a little over thirty minutes and covers the following topics:

  • How to link GA and AdWords
  • Viewing GA data in AdWords
  • Three ways to optimize your AdWords campaigns based on GA data
  • Tracking offline activities such as phone calls and offline sales
  • Importing Goals from GA into AdWords
  • Using GA to see how AdWords campaigns are impacting each of your conversions
  • How to use filtering parameters to see the behavior of users acquired by specific keywords
  • How to interpret the keyword position report
  • Attributing revenue evenly to conversion sources using the Conversion Attribution Models tool
  • Using segments to view the behaviors of users from segmented AdWords campaigns / keywords
  • Building highly targeted remarketing lists

This presentation provides a great guide to anyone managing AdWords campaigns. The reporting recommendations Vallaeys offers are a great starting point if you want to dig deep into the performance of your ads and the behaviors and value of the users driven to your site through paid promotion.