Six Reasons Not to Freak Out About (Not Provided) Search

Google’s plans to encrypt all organic search has marketers and SEOs in quite a tizzy. This includes me. When I initially heard the news, I had a small panic attack. After regaining my composure, I took a look at how this was really going to impact my SEO efforts. What I discovered is that this is not the end of the keyword optimization world.

not provided google

Stop crying. You look like James Van Der Beek.

Here’s why:

1. If you are creating valuable content with the needs of your audience in mind, you are doing it right, and keywords will continue to perform for you, even if you can’t see the results in your reporting tool.

2. Continuing to optimize all of your content with relevant keywords will continue to improve your rankings.

3. Other search engines still provide organic search details. While their market share is significantly lower, there are still insights to glean from that information.

4. Google Webmaster tools exist. Within the search queries tool in the Google Webmaster interface, queries performed that resulted in the display of your site on search are revealed. This is powerful stuff, people.

5. Google continues to improve their search algorithms in a way that favors online contributors who are publishing valuable content. Just last  week, Google announced their new “Hummingbird” algorithm that enables improved “conversational search.”

It’s important to keep in mind that Google is working to make their search tool better. It’s in their (and our) best interests to provide the best search results possible. That way, if Google serves up your site and a visitor clicks through, they will want to stay there, because what you have to offer is actually what they were seeking. Win, win!

6. It’s not likely that the lion’s share of your conversions are coming from organic search. An effective and healthy marketing strategy is a multi-channel strategy. No single channel can be relied on. And, like I said, just because you can’t see the exact keywords that resulted in a visit to your site from Google Search, doesn’t mean that organic search won’t still be working for you.

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